What Our Students Are Saying About Their Experiences

Amazing Experience

I recently graduated from the course, and let me just say that it was a fantastic experience. My mentor was incredibly helpful and truly inspirational and talented. The program opened up my mind to numerous possibilities that I never could have imagined.

Top Learning Destination

I did a lot of research on the various certification courses before enroling in the EPMA program, and I am so glad that I did because I have learned so much! With the friendly faculty, the one-on-one time with my instructor, the hands-on training, and career opportunities, no other program comes close to what the EPMA had to offer. This program is a must for anyone involved in event and wedding planning.

Strongly Recommended

My experience with the Event Planning and Management Academy Program has been compelling and rewarding. The program provided me with the knowledge and skills that I needed to go further in the event discipline I'm most interested in. It has shown me that I am meant to be an event planner. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone interested in going into the field of event and wedding planning.

Top Program

The Event Planning and Management Academy was one of the best choices I have ever made. It has changed my life on so many different levels. I have learned so many incredible, practical skills and created lasting friendships with amazing people. I have certainly benefited from the career opportunities the program provides.

Fulfilling and Gratifying Experience

I have taken several online courses, and I can honestly say that I really feel connected as a result of the tutorial sessions and the personal assistance from my assigned student advisor. She always has a pleasant disposition and has been a joy to deal with. Thank you for operating your business in such a personalized manner. My time as a student has been a truly fulfilling and gratifying experience.

Comprehensive and Educative Course Content

The course content was very comprehensive and educative. Your online training, the guidance from my instructor, and the Real-World Work Program allowed me the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to be successful in this field. I am so glad I received my education and training through your program and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about starting or growing their event and wedding planning business.

Acquired a Wealth of Knowledge

The program covered every aspect of organizing a wedding, and all my questions were addressed. I have acquired a wealth of knowledge about this industry that will definitely help me as I begin my wedding planning career. My instructor answered all my questions and encouraged me in my studies. She is greatly appreciated. This program was just what I was searching for. Thanks!

Get Confidence To Launched My Business

This course and the career opportunities that followed completion gave me the knowledge and confidence that I needed to launch my business. In my first year as a consultant for the Event Planning and Management Academy, I organized 38 events! I am so proud to have taken this course and grateful for the support that I have received from everyone.

Very Helpful Tutor

I really enjoyed being able to work at my own pace without any pressure, the course was very detailed and informative, and most importantly, it was so enjoyable. My tutor was fantastic! She was always available to help me if needed and answered all my questions. I appreciated how she kept in touch with me throughout the course, as it made me feel like she was there to guide me through it. Overall, I had a great time taking the course. It's really exciting that I'm now a certified wedding planner. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent course. You guys do a fantastic job!

Love This Program

I loved everything about the program. It's very straightforward with no hidden agendas. It provides very informative content regarding every aspect of wedding and event planning.

Learned Very Valuable Skills

I feel that I have learned very valuable skills and I am confident in my training. The materials were set up in a way that made them very easy to understand. The thing I liked most of all was my instructor, who was a HUGE help! She was ALWAYS there when I needed her help, whether it was through calling or emailing her. She is wonderful! Thank you for the experience!

Ideal Program

The program was very ideal for me. The thing I liked most about the program was how flexible and informative it was. I loved my assigned instructor because every time I had a question, she would spend adequate time on the phone with me and explain things thoroughly.

Informative Program And Helpful Tutor

The program was very informative. I also appreciated the additional information that my tutor provided me with on a regular basis. The program was structured in an easy-to-read format and I found the information on various religious ceremonies to be wonderful. My tutor was always available and gave quick responses, and I felt that I was important to her. Thank you!

Effective Program Material

The program was very thorough and comprehensive. The lesson plans covered enlightening and beneficial material for someone like me who had little exposure to the wedding planning industry. It was a refreshing eye-opener!

Enjoyable Course

I really enjoyed the course. There was nothing I did not like about it. My advisor was prompt in answering my questions, I never felt like I was out there without any help. I am very happy with the results

Extremely Professional Advisor

The program was very informative. Covers every aspect of wedding planning. Gives excellent tips on starting and maintaining a planning business. Everyone is very helpful. I thought that my assigned advisor was extremely professional and had a lot of helpful hints. She comes across as an expert in the field. She responds well to your questions both over the phone and by email. Really enjoyed working with her

Best Decision I Have Made

I am very happy with my decision to take this program. I like the fact that I could work at my own pace and finish as quickly as I was willing to work.

Friendly Assigned Advisor

The flexibility of reading the material and then using it on my job and my outside consulting tasks were great. My assigned advisor was easy to communicate with and very friendly! I am so glad that I have chosen this program.

I Love This Program

The program was very informative and allowed me the flexibility to complete the program at my own pace. It was easy to work with my advisor because of her pleasant personality. Also, I liked the fact that she calls you back as soon as she could. Plus, she was very helpful when you needed something explained to you. I love the program and I am looking forward to working for this company.

Quick And Efficient Program

I liked the program because it was quick and efficient. The instructor was a good addition to this program. There is a lot of good information included in this program. I really enjoyed this program. Even though I have been in this business for quite a few years, it is always great to find out new things and to keep up on what is new in these times. The program was neat and straight to the point. It was easy to read and to refer to. Thanks for all your help and I am looking forward to getting my certificate.

Very Rewarding Experience

My views of the program are very positive. I found "the go at your own pace" very convenient. The training site was very informative and made learning easy. The Real-World Work Program allowed me to gain work experience. It helped me build my confidence. In regards to my tutor, she was very knowledgeable and supportive.

Best Online Course

The on-line training site was very easily accessible. It was wonderful to work at my own pace and fly through the course. I was able to slow down and really take my time with some material, while moving quickly through other material I had more trouble with. The support from the my advisor has also been very refreshing.

An Amazing Experience

I liked everything about the program. I like the contact with the tutor, the affordability, the hands-on work experience and the flexibility of the program. A truly amazing experience!

Professional And Respondsive Program Advisor

The communications was great with my advisor. I received weekly, if not more from her encouraging me and helping me with the next steps. I think the web page was setup well and in a format that made learning easy. She was always very professional and responded in a very efficient manner to all of my inquiries.

The wealth Of Information

What I liked most about the program is the wealth of information that was provided and the flexibility with the time frame it has to be completed. For those of us with kids time flexibility is very important. I also really like the fact that our tutor is still willing to help even after we have completed this session. Thank you for all the good ideas and help.

Very Refreshing

I loved the fact that I was able to go at my own pace. Any questions I had were answered in a timely manner as well, which I loved, because that was one of my worries coming into the program. The program was thorough and the experience was very refreshing.

Helpful And Supportive Advisor

The information and content of the program was very good. My assigned advisor was helpful and supportive. Thank you for all your help.